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Amy Neiswander / Senior Designer

The Short

Contagious laugher. Avid gardener. Dog rescuer. RAGBRIA hooligan. Brown’s fan. Will travel for food.

The Long

Voted easiest to get along with in eighth grade, born and raised outside of Cleveland,OH, Amy began her career at Ernst and Young.  Starting her own personal manifest destiny, she set sight on Chicago where she worked with clients such as: Fine art of Dr. Suess, Mackenzie Thorpe, American Dental Association, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Mid America Bank.  Her internal compass still pulling her further westward, she settled into Golden, CO, which she now calls home.  Amy has been with Genesis since 2007 and has spent much of her time there as lead designer on the Beaver Creek and Vail accounts. Most recently she has found herself navigating through parenthood with her husband Max and enjoying every toothless grin, giggle and raspberry her son George has to share. When not designing, Amy can be found making jewelry, hiking with her retired racing greyhound or enjoying a pie-fueled cycling trip across Iowa.

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