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Jill Schultz / Dir, HR/Business Admin

The Short

Farm-girl-turned-city-girl. Avid people watcher. Iced caramel macchiato addict. Y ella habla español.

The Long

Jill grew up in the bosom of a large family – 2 parents, 2 siblings, 641 sheep, 231 cows, and 1 bull. You could say that she got used to crowds early, and that economics and accounting came with the turf. Small wonder maybe, that she ended up in a city pursuing a career in accounting. Jill joined us in 2010 and has ten years of industry experience behind her. Growing up surrounded by so many mouths to feed may have been just the preparation she needed for her HR role with Genesis. She describes herself as “an aspiring Fairy God Mother wanting to make everyone’s wishes come true”. Fortunately, her accounting discipline balances things out. Jill has 2 children, and is an enthusiastic volunteer in the community.

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