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Jim Adler / CEO / Founder

The Short

In 1967, Jim founded Genesis in a tiny storefront office in Evanston, Illinois, and he has served as the company’s lead strategic communication and marketing advisor ever since. Jim’s creative ability to identify and solve the “right” problem has gained him the trust of the senior executives and management of Genesis’ client companies, as well as the internal teams for which he provides leadership.

The Long

Jim began his career with Container Corporation’s Center for Advanced Research in Design, under the influence of some of the great minds of the Bauhaus movement. It was during this period that Jim developed a fundamental belief that guides Genesis to this day - that by linking a company’s behavior, communication, culture and strategy to its overarching promise, the resulting combination of experience and identity creates a differentiating and ongoing sense of trust across constituencies.

Over the years, Genesis’ approach to positioning and branding has evolved to become more holistic in the belief that an entity’s image, reputation, belief system and communication cannot be separated. Our greatest contribution to clarity and to our client’s larger purpose is often that we act as advocates for the user.

Jim’s experience as a change agent, developing strategic positions, building brand equity and achieving real results has proven successful for clients that range across cultures and industries, from start-ups to global Fortune 500 corporations.

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