How to Run Your Brand Like a Therapist

October 07 2009

If ever there was an argument for function, it’s the Jerry Springer Show.

Dysfunction is the natural way of things. Instinct, amped-up denial, neurosis. That’s why there’s psychotherapy. To bring a bit of order. To close the gap between the psychological landscape where we all live alone, and the actual one where we all live together.

Know anyone completely functional? I don’t. Know any companies that are?

When was it that businesses started speaking the language of therapy? “Bill shared his plan with us.” “Alicia reached out to her direct reports.” Once Bill would have just showed it and Alicia would have just told them. Now successful companies are “intuitive” (that computer company), and “transparent” (not Enron). These are marriage counseling ideas.

Delight. Now there’s a therapy-age concept. Lots of companies seem keen to upgrade from satisfying their customers to delighting them. But while satisfaction suggests a full belly, delight suggests a giggling child skipping through wildflowers. That’s a tall order.

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