Is Print Dead?

June 06 2013

With the growth of the Internet and the environmental imperative, print has been framed as a guilty necessity, a dirty word.  Resources for managing print have been reduced and redirected. Printers have diversified, offering digital solutions…some actually reinventing themselves as Internet and social media marketing experts.

But, let’s not write the eulogy for print just yet.  Let’s just say goodbye to waste and mediocrity.

As electronic media becomes more mainstream, more everyday, the desire and appreciation for the earthy, exquisite and touchable experience grows even stronger.
Print is more relevant than ever, more valuable than ever, to an ever more select and sophisticated audience. Still a vital component of the communication process, print has become a highly specialized medium, one we need to use judiciously and use well.

Those that manage print with skill, making environmental thinking part of core strategy, understanding and respecting what is truly “green”, can do more with less –– less pollution, less money, fewer people and natural resources –– in ways that support corporations’ obligations to create long-term value, not just to investors, but to the environment and the communities they serve.

“Wisdom demands a new orientation of science and technology–towards the organic, the gentle, the non-violent, the elegant and the beautiful.” - Unknown

Hello, Print.

Pat Behnmida
Pat is the director of Production Intelligence, an extended service offering of Genesis Inc. As an independently accessible production management resource, to both clients and non-clients of Genesis, she provides expert production support and counsel, on an individual and adaptable basis.

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