Over-Branding Kills Profits and Scares Off Consumers

May 23 2011

Consumers are obese, but not in the way you might think. They’re over-served and over-branded. They’re stuffed to the gills with logos.

The average U.S. supermarket, one right down the road from you, sells as many as 50,000 products. There are 16 varieties of Tropicana Pure Premium juices alone, for example, and PepsiCo will probably up it to 30 before long. That’s over-service. We don’t need it.

Recently, BlackBerry introduced Super Apps, apps that do what any app does, only a hair better. Here we go again. Another gold-platinum-titanium product cycle: Brands punching it out over incremental differences as if those tweaks were game changers. That’s branding a service to the customer that isn’t really a service at all; it’s just the natural evolution of things.

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[Image: A still from the Oscar-winning short film Logorama]

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