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One of the founding partners of vacation club Exclusive Resorts wanted to take the family travel model apart, and rebuild it right. He and a partner called the result NextGreatPlace. They asked Genesis to help to define a new market, shape the new business model, and create the brand.

NGP distills the best of the travel agency, the vacation club, the loyalty program, and the internet. It is dedicated to providing long-lasting value for growing families.

We created a Brand Expression Tool and a guidebook defining the brand. We created an initial online user experience. And we centered the promise of the brand on three core words – “Simple, Personal, Fabulous.”

A strategic tool used to dimensionalize the brand.

We designed and wrote a “welcome experience” as a soft launch for the brand.

The viewer “parallax-scrolled” through the new company’s narrative.

The narrative was in the voice of the two founders.

The tone was simple.

The language was personal.

It all suggested a fabulous new way to vacation.

It was signed by the founders - a personal commitment.

The end of the narrative was an invitation to start a relationship.

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