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Banner Alzheimer’s Institute in Arizona has a highly ambitious but achievable goal. It is to end Alzheimer’s without losing another generation.

BAI’s two leaders are highly respected internationally in the field of Alzheimer’s, but the organization needed to reach a larger audience including donors and clinical trial participants. 

Genesis led an in-depth 360° brand analysis resulting in insights that helped to develop positioning, messaging, marketing strategies and tactics. We differentiated BAI as the go-to source for Alzheimer’s prevention and care through the brand promise “Hope and help are possible now.” 

We embodied this promise in a new website, a series of video stories, and the development of an identity, microsite and launch campaign recommendation for BAI’s prevention arm, API—
the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative.

BAI’s difference is the combination of its two overarching goals:
to end Alzheimer’s by preventing it and providing the best system of care.

Giving visitors 3 ways to make a difference, all in real time...
Give, Volunteer or Join a Trial.

Documentary moments from patients, families, doctors and scientists
make the BAI story real and relevant.

A true love story.

Hope for ending Alzheimer's.

Help and hope for caregivers.

Joining a clinical trial is a way to make a difference with a disease
that often victimizes whole families.

With Alzheimer's families, information and clarity are often hard to come by.
This interactive tool changes that.

Support for patients' family and friends who are dealing with Alzheimer’s.

The promise to end Alzheimer's without losing a generation will be delivered through cutting-edge science.

The Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative was created to map, test and register
a population large enough to support major clinical trials.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative homepage drives participants
to the Alzheimer’s registry.

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