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When Genesis became AOR for Vail Resorts’ Beaver Creek brand, North American ski resorts were poorly differentiated, largely content to just glamorize snow and gravity.

Beaver Creek is a custom-built alpine village at the foot of one
of the only mountains in the world to host World Cup downhill
races. It offered a rich experience beyond just the skiing, and
richly deserved to rise above the crowd.

We positioned this experience with the unexpected brand promise “Not exactly roughing it,” a clear nod to luxury but in
an accessible, tongue-in-cheek tone. This promise drove not only
the advertising and the best years yet for the business, but it also underpinned the operations of the resort.

By leaning into this promise, Beaver Creek is now one of the most clearly differentiated brands in not just the Vail Resorts portfolio, but the international ski destination market.

Four words that help to define not just the campaign, but what the brand delivered.

The new positioning was launched in Condé Nast and ski industry magazines.

Like all true luxury, the advertising was declarative
through elegant understatement.

Readers of Ski Magazine called Beaver Creek
“the ultimate luxury family ski experience”.

East Coast metropolitan centers are key markets for Beaver Creek.

A new kind of resort experience for the North American ski scene.

Colorado resorts all offer grand geography,
but Beaver Creek promises something more.

A mountain resort without snow is still a great luxury destination.

From the Welcome Lodge at the entrance to the resort,
every touchpoint served the brand promise.

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