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Frontier and Genesis have been partners since before the company even owned an aircraft. In fact we helped to position the underdog company as “the airline for people who hate airlines,” competing with legacy giant United for a share of their Denver hub. And we have partnered with 4 CEO’s in succession, as they lived that positioning.

We helped to create a branded experience in a commodity industry, by individualizing each plane with a different animal on each tail. Individualize the plane, and you individualize the flight and the passenger.

By the early 2000’s Frontier had the most modern fleet in the country and a 95% positive recognition, with fresh paint reading “A whole different animal.” The brand promise perfectly captured the humanity of the Frontier experience.

We have been instrumental in the positioning, livery, customer experience, environmental design, and advertising platform.

“A whole different animal” is Frontier’s promise, its market position,
its brand strategy and its battle cry.

At Frontier, every customer is unique and individual, every flight is unique
and individual and every plane is unique and individual.

The airline for people who hate airlines earned loyalty by being human.

Train station at Denver International Airport.

From the livery to a zamboni to the delight of the crowd at an NHL ‘Avalanche’ game.

Website relaunch putting the user first.

Booking a flight, all without ever leaving the homepage.

E-commerce checkout - simplify, simplify, simplify.

Access to real-time pricing.

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