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How do you re-frame a classic art form? And do it so you both draw in a brand new audience and sweeten the pot for your passionate advocates?

Well, you put together the bravery of the management and the passion of the artists to find a voice everyone wants to hear. Ironically, our “See the music” positioning was designed to interrupt the constant interruption of electronic consumption.
It simply signaled that live music is the richer experience.

New thinking in programming and marketing and at consumer touchpoints culminated in a 43% sales increase in the inaugural season launch in an industry where most symphonies were struggling with decreasing relevance and attendance.

Creating an identity with the energy of the organization and new program offerings.

Program communication targeted to both maintaining traditional audiences
and engaging new ones.

Promotions infused with passion showcase the offering,
identity and brand promise.

A new online sale interface that highlights the program offerings and is easy to use helped users find exactly what they wanted to see.

Ease of use and intuitive information flow aided in a dramatic increase
in online purchasing.

New audio/visual "Inside the score" programming brings new life
to a classic art form.

A system of elements that allow the identity to live and connect at every touchpoint.

Total identity consistency helped re-enforce the vision of an organization
looking toward the future.

Tailoring the visuals to the variety of the program offering.

Energetic designs bring new energy to the concert hall environment.

On-site posters cross-sell the programs and showcase the wide scope
of the season’s offerings.

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