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Giant is the largest manufacturer of quality bicycles in the world. What they owned in “build quality” they lacked in brand connectivity. Genesis was hired to help create a brand visual language to help tie the products into a cohesive whole in the global marketplace. Finding the center of the brand design was based on our uncovering the “truth in materials” position.

Genesis created the personalities and graphics for bikes built
for the world’s diverse cultures. You can see our work for Giant
in the grueling Tour de France, on Tokyo commuter streets,
and in a garage much like your own. The 2012 road lineup for Giant Bicycles highlighted a new global design language that helped the Rabobank Pro Tour team livery stand out in a very
fast crowd.

Genesis created the global product presentation
for the world’s largest quality bicycle manufacturer.

We developed the product graphic presentation for almost 200 unique models every year…while being on-trend, fresh and true to the brand.

We were honored to create the livery for the Rabobank/Giant teams. Teams that have scored stage and overall victories in the Grand Tours around the world.

Tour de France team livery.

Engineering by Giant. Team presentation by Genesis.
Stage wins at the Tour de France and Olympic Gold medals.

Elegantly modern interpretations of classic cruisers.

From free-ride, long-travel mountain models to fun city bikes,
the presentation is a key attractor on the sales floor.

Single-speed bikes for urban assault runs.

Helping to bring new categories to the market with beautiful and functional designs.

The 2011 World Cup Downhill championship winner.

"The world's fastest bike." The Trinity Advanced SL was so fast it was outlawed.

Designing graphics for a customer that doesn't want graphics.

Trend setting and working with the factories to bring cutting-edge design concepts to a fast-paced market.

The Giant VIA, a bike designed for the ages. Beautiful, elegant and fun.

Creating a packaging system that was impactful and highlighted specific product features across a product offering that reached almost 3000 SKU’s was the creative brief for this assignment.

We created a system of packages that both stood out at retail and aided
in finding the right product at a glance in a crowded environment.

The packaging system had to accommodate everything from small parts
to complete bikes.

User interface at point of sale and at point of use was a driving factor in the system.

We were asked to help create promotional items for the first company store in the US. It just happened to be in our backyard. We figured the best thing was to "own" the state.

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