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IHS transformed from a fragmented global business into a
unified global “Source for Critical Information and Insight®”
for engineers and business leaders as part of the process of
going public in 2005.

Genesis not only created the brand identity and brand architecture for the IPO, but also participated in the IR communication, providing strategic counsel and implementation support. In the years that followed, we consulted on quarterly earnings, investor day strategy and implementation, disclosure issues, produced annual reports, and also helped ramp-up a new IR officer in a more hands-on role over a period of several months.

Through great leadership, a differentiated business model, consistent above-average performance and the benefit
of a pro-active and best practices IR program, the company’s valuation has increased more than six-fold since the IPO.

Telling the whole story about vision, opportunity, growth and strategies,
with a focus on customers first.

Case studies focused on customer challenges and putting customers first.

Case studies that demonstrate how a seemingly esoteric solution
translates into real-life benefit.

Telling the story and demonstrating capabilities for a diverse set of key stakeholders: investors, customers, employees and partners.

Demonstrating the strategy: global reach, cross-selling,
breadth of product and solutions.

Bringing case studies to life with a focus on strategy, breadth of solution
and value to the customer.

A strong, unified brand, along with outstanding performance and best-in-class investor relations, have propelled IHS’ valuation since the 2005 IPO.

An invitation to customers to engage in real-time feedback and partnership.

An invitation to customers to engage in real-time feedback and partnership
with a personal commitment from the CEO.

Bringing insight to life as a benefit to help clients “see clearly” into the future.

Translating a brand promise that literally drives meaningful insight.

From a fragmented international business into a unified global brand
with a clearly differentiated promise.

An endorsed brand that brings great insight to clients.
Differentiated, but still part of the family.

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