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Kraft Foods is the second largest food company in the world.
For their IPO in 2001 they asked Genesis to craft messaging to
a new shareholder base. Since then we’ve helped position the company for a growing cascade of audiences as Agency of Record for Corporate Communications.

In 2007 we created “New Kraft” to help give voice to a new CEO and her vision for the future. It centered on a fresh new web platform, which became the genesis of a new global identity for the company. We have also helped enrich employee engagement through a streamlined intranet, re-designed work spaces, socially-based programs for product improvements, and process innovations.

Recently we were part of the implementation team for the rollout of the new global ID and helped with culture communications during one the most notable mergers in recent history – Kraft’s 2009 acquisition of Cadbury.

From initial IPO to a fully freestanding company, Genesis has helped position
Kraft Foods' communication messages since 2001.

Fast forward to a new kind of company. Bringing the new CEO's message
to Wall Street and the global employee base.

Using the annual report as a launch pad for the "New Kraft" message.

Leveraging the SEC-required document to drive to an interactive web experience.

The New Kraft microsite experience begins with a personal welcome video
from the new CEO.

A new energy delivering a new message of global growth.

The microsite includes chapters around innovation and sustainability.

Bring the customer into the environment to remind employees and visitors
who Kraft Foods really works for.

Developing branded products to engage the associates around the new identity.

Creative development and storytelling around the Kraft Foods
web communication channel.

We helped give voice to a new program around giving back to the communities where Kraft Foods works and lives.

The results of engaging the associates in meaningful ways is paying off.

Employees were encouraged to rally together to express their inner FOODii.

Employees were encouraged to express their inner FOODii.

We created a delivery vehicle for the new company for sales
and community outreach storytelling.

Creating excitement around the identity elements.

Communicating the social commitments of the organization.

Giving voice to the new vision and reason for being.

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