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Pearl Izumi is a leader in the Ride and Triathlon apparel categories. For 2013, they created an entirely new platform for their Road, Trail and Tri running shoes. Our challenge was to position, name and market this new line in a highly saturated, big-spending and competitive space.

The concept behind the product was to create a smooth, efficient stride – and ultimately, the world’s most fluid running experience without using gels, air bags, or other gizmos. Aimed to deliver Efficiency in Motion, we named it “Project E:Motion.” Genesis worked on every phase of the marketing program. A simple and differentiated story drove the sell-in strategy, and an interruptive, bold “Downsides of Efficiency” campaign was created to drive the sell-through.

Response from specialty retailers and consumers has been well beyond projections. That’s the upside of a solid campaign.

We introduced the genius of Project E:Motion to the trade and consumer audiences through a series of educational videos.

Equipping the sales force with a custom, interactive app, instead of the traditional analog toolkit, signaled a whole new way of doing business.

The campaign acknowledged the fast-paced realities of the consumers' lifestyles.

As a challenger brand, Pearl Izumi is happy to place tongue firmly in cheek, to highlight the "downside" of a better running experience.

Packaging showcases the upsides of a more efficient run to both retailers and consumers at point of sale.

Each pair of Project E:Motion shoes ships with instructions on both the upsides and downsides of a more efficient run.

The downsides messaging brings a sense of humor to a category devoid of personality.

The campaign offers helpful hints to the user experiencing a more efficient run.

Online, the Upsides/Downsides campaign allows you to explore both sides of the new technology in an engaging way.

The Upsides section of the website delivers the product features and details the technology of the product line.

A series of comedic films - designed to spread virally through the running community - explore all aspects of a more efficient run.

Here, intrepid reporter Derek Hutton explores the community of broken-hearted runners.

Reporter Derek Hutton meets Maddy, an expert in aggressive wildlife defense.

Reporter Derek Hutton finds a creative solution for a potentially lethal problem in this on-scene report.

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