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Shimano American was founded in the US in 1965 as a way to get closer to its retailers, and to better understand this dynamic marketplace. A young Yozo Shimano came to the states with a bold plan to meet every bicycle dealer in America. It took over 3 years and covered almost 100,000 miles, but the Caravan Tour reached it’s goal and cemented relationships that last to this day.

To celebrate 50 years in the market. Shimano American wanted to recreate the spirit of the original tour. Teams of associates traveled the US to meet with Cycling and Fishing dealers to thank them for their partnerships. Genesis created the “Honoring the past, Creating the future” position, and numerous materials for internal and external celebrations. The 50 years in America book was a gift to the retailers — as they remain pivotal to Shimano’s success.

The 50th Anniversary Book was given to Shimano's Dealers as a token of appreciation for their partnerships.

Celebrating the original Shimano "Caravan Tour" became foundational to the anniversary.

Shimano used blank notecards to gather feedback for further improving their products and service.

Shimano, originally founded in Japan in 1921, has tremendous pride in their culture and heritage.

The first sign Shimano put up at their new office in New York simply read, "We are here to serve you better."

Shimano created the iconic Sting-Ray shifter for Schwinn in 1968 to make shifting fun, imitating sports cars.

Cycling hardware, technology and manufacturing expertise all created a natural entry into fishing for Shimano.

Shimano entered the fishing market in 1970 by introducing the DUX spinning reels.

Innovation, durability, wide product selection and service allowed Shimano fishing to grow rapidly here and abroad.

Shimano shares part of their incredible history, full of innovation and growth.

Anniversary logos adorn shop shirts.

Anniversary logos adorn shop shirts.

Anniversary logos adorn shop shirts.

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