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When you basically created the market segment that changed cycling forever, what’s a better way to re-position your footwear line than remind people about the system perfection that comes from combining Shimano SPD pedals and Shimano footwear to create “The Perfect Pair?” Genesis was asked to develop a platform to re-position the footwear line.

The Perfect Pair was the perfect way to tell the product benefit story to the sales team, trade, retailers and consumers, and to launch products from pro-performance to their new entry-level Click’R line. We created the sales and go-to-market materials, advertising, and store displays.

The Perfect Pair + icon system leveraged Shimano’s #1 pedal market share to launch the revitalized footwear line to the trade and consumers.

Execution for the road bike segment showcased the efficiency and comfort through the Perfect Pair connection overarching concept.

The Perfect Pair off-road campaign highlighted the fact that performance gains from the shoe/pedal connection wasn't limited to just road riders.

The Perfect Pair concept was used to leverage the benefits of the Click’R brand through the Perfect Pair visual campaign connection.

The Perfect Pair concept was introduced to retailers through key trade publications and at trade events through displays and marketing materials.

This video is part of a global product launch film for Dynalast, a revolutionary footwear technology designed to maximize pedaling efficiency for the performance road rider.

Shimano Click’R global product launch introduced a totally new footwear and pedal system designed to bring the confidence of clipped-in riding to new and aspiring cyclists.

The Perfect Pair concept was supported at retail with point of sale displays that leveraged Shimano’s strong drivetrain reputation and showcased the benefits to each market segment.

Using the connection of bikes and cultural references, we created fun schwag to support the Perfect Pair concept in the retail market.

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