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Steelcase is a US-based global company designing work space, furniture, and technology for business, education and healthcare. Insight-led innovation has made it a thought-leader on work collaboration.

2012 marks its 100th anniversary, and CEO Jim Hackett asked Genesis to 
help to position the company for the next century.
We created a company manifesto in the form of a storybook and
three-minute animated film, and a multimedia social initiative discussing the future of work.

This discussion began 
with the “dreams” of children from around the world, captured in a documentary film. A web platform for the debate – “100 Dreams, 
100 Minds, 100 Years” – went live at the TED conference this March.

Steelcase built its business on human insight, which is what inspired
the commemorative “eye” mark.

“Our Story” is a three-minute animated film about a century past,
and a vision for the century to come.

We helped CEO Jim Hackett articulate his vision for the 21st Century through a
20-minute speech to the Steelcase global community. Here's a 3-minute cut-down.

Every member of the Steelcase community received a copy of “Our Story,”
in one of six languages.

A story about business told with the simplicity of a children’s book,
“Our Story” is about human promise.

"Unlocking human promise" is not just the theme of the manifesto,
but the new vision of the company.

So few companies reach a century - Steelcase did it by understanding people.

"One Day", a 17-minute film shot in six countries, looks at human promise through the eyes of 10-year-olds.

We created :60 film trailer for "One Day" as an online and broadcast commercial.

The film launched a web experience – “100 Dreams, 100 Minds, 100 Years” – where everyone is invited to dream of the future.

“100 Dreams, 100 Minds, 100 Years” drew visitors from all over the world
and demonstrated the power of collaboration.

Journalist John Hockenberry hosted the forum where 100 children dreamed alongside 100 great minds – leaders from business and culture.

We invited a global audience to share their dreams of the future.

The 100 Year Anniversary kicked off at the TED conference in Long Beach, California in March 2012.

The 100 Year Anniversary initiative became embedded in the daily life
of the company - globally.

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