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With the “Count on more.” brand promise that we created earlier as our starting point, we set the foundation for this super-regional financial corporation’s 100-year celebration by developing the “more than 100” logotype and key messaging points. “More than a bank. More than a century.” was the rally cry as the organization set the path for celebratory events, a communication toolkit, our stories microsite, brand advertising and associate engagement materials.

The kick-off was marked in grand fashion by opening the NASDAQ exchange on April 25, 2013, marking both the founding of the bank that became UMB Financial Corporation, as well as the 10th anniversary of being listed on that exchange.

Congratulations UMBF on the last 100. We’re looking forward to serving you in the next 100.

We created an interactive interface, the Investor Relations App, a unique method to engage the user.

The Investor Relations App is a tool for the sales team and highlights the broader story of UMB’s business. Download App

The annual report highlighted UMB’s 100th year in business by focusing on the future, while celebrating the founding principles that are still relevant today.

The investor relations home page shows all facets of the UMB story and builds on the >100 visual language.

Every touchpoint is linked to create integrated communication messaging around the centennial celebration.

The "More than..." key message was built on the Count on more brand position.

The core messages were created to share the continuity of trust and integrity, two principles that are in short supply in the financial industry these days.

A bank with a sense of humor. We leveraged all media to spread the news of the 100-year story.

We leveraged the CEO’s voice as a method to humanize the company and showcase the 5th generation leadership of this great institution.

Genesis created a heritage microsite to share the rich history and connect the messages to how innovation, integrity and humanity are alive and well in the organization today. UMB Timeline

The interactive nature of the heritage site allowed the viewer to be immersed in the stories and explore different aspects of the organization. UMB Timeline

The heritage site set the foundation for how the company will continue to grow and be relevant in the future. UMB Timeline

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