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While the Annual Report is no longer as pervasive as it once was, for the right organization it can still be quite powerful. We are fortunate to work with UMB, a super-regional brand that sets new standards for integrity and performance in an industry challenged with transparency problems.

Despite impressive success for more than a century and being named by Forbes® as one of “America’s Best Banks” seven years in a row, UMB remains relatively unknown in the Financial Services industry. And when you provide services across the entire country for the largest of organizations, your credibility is absolutely critical, even more so when you may be an unknown entity. 

To effectively compete with larger and better known competitors, UMB uses their Annual Report as a way of quickly establishing trust and reliability. For them a typical brochure could never have the same impact as backing up their services with current audited financials—particularly when they are as remarkable as UMB’s.

The interactive Investor Relations App is a unique method to engage shareholders as well as a tool for the sales team because it highlights the broader story of UMB’s business. Download App

The 2012 report celebrates their 100 year anniversary by honoring the principles that have guided them throughout their history and that will continue to guide them over the next century.

Delivering the 2011 Annual Report as an App instantly impacted investor perceptions, and also provided a more useful and interactive sales tool.

Fluid, intuitive navigation throughout the 2011 App allows for a more engaging and dynamic experience.

Animated charts, graphs and data were paired with zoomable text to create a more effective and dynamic financial presentation.

The 2011 Annual Report explained how the organization delivered
more than others in its field.

The 2011 inside front cover foldout overview of operations and performance.

The 2011 inside front cover comparison showcased how UMB outshone
its competitors.

The CEO's letter highlights the formula for strong growth.

Letters from the management center around strong beliefs and high standards.

The 2010 Annual Report focused on the core beliefs that embody the company.

The 2010 inside front cover highlights an overview of the business beliefs.

The 2010 letter to shareholders continues the organization's core beliefs.

2010 again proved the business model worked. UMB was named the second best bank in the United States by Forbes magazine.

The 2009 Annual Report focused on the company's foundational strategies.

The 2009 inside front cover brings an overview of the company front and center as a sales tool.

The 2008 Annual Report showed the way UMB delivered their unique culture to benefit the customer.

The 2008 annual review focuses on why UMB’s standards are based on integrity, not government regulations.

The 2008 annual showcases how the company connects clients to the products and services they need.

The 2007 Annual Report featured the continuity of five generations of family management.

The 2007 story speaks to the solutions and commitment of the company.

The 2007 report speaks to the heritage and continuity commitment.

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