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Vail is the flagship of the Vail Resorts portfolio, which includes 7 of the top ski resorts in North America. Genesis was asked to re-position the brand, which we did with the simple and inarguable truth, “Vail. Like nothing on earth.”

Few mountain resorts in the world engender the lifelong loyalty of Vail. People may date other mountains, but it’s Vail they marry. This insight became the bedrock of a campaign showing Vail as the poster-child of the ski lifestyle through film, magazine, online media and collateral.

We were also asked to integrate for the first time the summer and winter marketing. So now, in place of powder-filled Back Bowls, we needed to tell their whole story in a whole new way.

We found our story in the eclectic Vail community. World-famous climbers, kayakers, cyclists, musicians, and chefs. People of the world who chose to pursue their passions in Vail. Our campaign, “The pursuit of personal passions”, featured short, intimate films, TV and magazine advertising, and a new web experience.

A promise kept by a great mountain, and by a great brand experience.

Seen on TV and the Web, this commercial captured
a lifelong passion for the mountain.

To be be the “poster child” of each magazine, we asked the reader to turn the book.

This voice cut through traditional ski advertising, replacing flying powder with heroic stories.

Rich Media display banners for direct Twitter feed integration
within the banner space.

A signature voice across all touchpoints, reinforcing the brand promise.

An apparently endless menu of passions to be pursued at Vail.

Your chosen “passion” generated a landing page tailored to pursuits. Here: Active.

Here: Culture

John Clayton, world-class jazz musician and passionate Vail lover.

Brad Ludden, world-class kayak athlete and passionate Vail lover.

Thomas Salamunovich, world-class restauranteur and passionate Vail lover.

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